Wine is a drink that has alcoholic capabilities though they are classic. Wines are in very many types and brands. People follow their preferences and tastes when buying wine. Wines offered online will require more research to identify the best. This is because you cannot even taste it. The wine stores online are very many competing for the customers. The process of buying Wines Online has been a success. However, there are some problems that are commonly experienced during the process. Some of these are discussed below.


Phantom inventory

The websites dealing with wines selling and purchasing are faced with this challenge. The wines can be listed on the websites that they are actually available for purchase but they are in real sense not. Wines websites deal with many types of wines and they sometimes don’t take record of the available stock in their warehouses. They can end up advertising products that are still yet to be purchased. The websites are generally not updated to the available stock at a specific time. This has been known to be consistent n most of the websites dealing with wines.

Slow delivery

This problem is associated with phantom inventory problem in some way. The phantom delay will not only cause loss of customers but delay to the others. The wines are not there in the companies’ warehouse or stores and hence time has to be burnt waiting for the stock to be purchased. Buying online is already a slow process for many products since the customers are not necessarily on the same location with the sellers. Adding more delays can cause frustration of the buyers and they walk away. This is because the customers are ordering the wines to drink immediately and stretching the time limits will do more harm to them. Delays are common problems in the process of buying online.

Cluttered sites

The web design for most wine sellers websites is not desirable. The navigation is hard to use as the sites are filled with videos, scotch, homepages and ads. The consumers usually get confused of what exactly they were looking for. This is an upcoming problem which was not there in the earlier days because then, the websites were simple structured and arranged. Buying online can end up being confused with something else on the site and inconveniences arise.

Tedious menus

Drill down menus are constantly being adopted in the online market including the wines market. This is where the options are given in drop down menus and you click your like. There are many pages represented by these menus and the buyer can get distracted to finding the ones required. For the newbies in the online buying, the process of buying online can simply discourage them and they walk away. For example, different wines can be offered in different webpages and the buyer is not given a chance to compare directly to come up with the best.


Old websites

This is also another problem facing the online wines business. Many are the website owners who do not update their sites. They hence appear as if they are from another planet when using them. Old sites in terms of the content and graphics are not comfortable to work with.