A recipe for a gluten-free, almond flour cake dotted with figs and ginger.
Ginger Almond Fig Cake Recipe {Gluten-Free} | FoodforMyFamily.com

In August I spent a good deal of time being upset by the lack of figs in my life. I even went so far as purchasing them in Grand Marais when I came across them at the co-op there and then packing them in my cooler and carrying them the 250 miles home. I was desperate for them, a drug I needed to complete my summer.

My children ate them halved with a drizzle of honey, sometimes with a handful of nuts. These things seemed like a good pairing: crunchy raw nuts, cloying honey, fresh figs. I did this a few more times, placing a plate out for the kids as a snack in the afternoon. I swapped honey and nuts for bits of salty cheeses. I plopped them down on afternoon salads with goat cheese, suddenly excited for lunchtime rather than viewing the noon hour as a chore to be done midday that brings productivity to a definite halt.

Finally the figs are here, and as quickly they’ll be gone, but not before you celebrate the seasonal shift which accompanies their harvest with a cake.
Ginger Almond Fig Cake Recipe {Gluten-Free} | FoodforMyFamily.comGinger Almond Fig Cake Recipe {Gluten-Free} | FoodforMyFamily.com
I feel as though this cake may be cheating just a bit. It is very similar to another gluten-free cake I made this spring with a pear and a bit of caramel sauce. However, it is also different. I mean, figs and ginger are an entirely dissimilar class of cakedom than the pears and vanilla caramel in the former.

You can make this cake with any type of figs you happen to come across, even the dried variety. I know because this is how I first made it, way back in May as spring was sliding into summer and my head was wishing summer was the one sidling to the door. Now we’re here, and I’m holding my breath to see if I can slow down the passage of time and trap us in this in-between. I live for the shifting of seasons.

Ginger whispers of the cold that’s coming in this almond flour cake, and the figs provide juicy bursts of sun-ripened sweetness. Cut yourself a sugar-dusted piece and sit on the front steps as you watch the neighbors’ tree turn from green to golden with every passing second.
Ginger Almond Fig Cake Recipe {Gluten-Free} | FoodforMyFamily.com

Ginger Almond Fig Cake Recipe {Gluten-Free} | FoodforMyFamily.com